If you ever wanted an eye-catching iMac then you have most certainly come to the right place today! We are just finishing off our Neon green iMac that we are very proud of. Its very similar to the one with have in the Hip Store and fits in under the same collection we are putting together.

As the iMac is neon it will react under neon lights so this bad boy would look amazing in the right venue.

To get the Neon effect is quite difficult as these are not over the counter paints, more over the way in which you apply them to the iMac is rather complicated and in no way comparable to the mixing and spraying of normal every day colours.

The finished effect though is well worth it. The customization of the iMacs is probably one of the intricate. We will be offering up a limited number of these for sale soon coming in the colours of neon green, pink, orange, and purple.

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